Botswana: Chairperson Implores Men to Speak Up On Abuse


Men have been implored to speak up about their experiences on being victims of gender based violence.

Speaking during the International Men’s day commemoration in Themashanga on Tuesday, North East District Council Chairperson, Ms Florah Mpetsane said it was fitting to acknowledge the fact that some men also go through GBV.

She stated that it was important to engage men in all fora that discussed the impact of GBV on society in order to allow men to speak up about their experiences as victims.

Ms Mpetsane noted that men continued to inflict violence on women by assaulting and killing them which she said had tainted the image of men.

She highlighted that Botswana was ranked second in the world on issues of violence against women hence said it was time men introspected and stopped such behaviour.

The chairperson said it was important to raise a boy child in a manner that would mould him into a responsible man who abhor abuse of women.

Ms Mpetsane noted that parents should be open to a boy-child on issues of puberty and prostate cancer just as they were able to speak to a girl-child.

She highlighted that a boy-child exposed to good parenting adopted this culture and grew into a responsible man.

Tshesebe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Amos Kekgathetse said the rate at which men violated women was alarming.

He highlighted that it was important to address GBV inflicted by men on women on a day that celebrated men because this behavior had over shadowed men’s achievements.

“Lets teach our children that it is possible to punish someone without inflicting physical or emotional pain.”

He stated that some people did not report GBV matters to the police therefore police statistics were not a true reflection of what was happening on the ground.

However, he said the International Men’s day celebrated men who upheld the highest moral and values.

Themashanga men sector committee chairperson, Mr Baliki Lesang said an honourable man taught a boy-child good behaviour.

Source : BOPA

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