Egypt Mulls Law to Protect Women’s Identities As Metoo Movement Escalates


Egyptian lawmakers are pushing for a new law to protect the identity of women coming forward to report sexual abuse and assault as the nation’s MeToo movement picks up speed.

An Egyptian parliamentarian committee has approved a draft law that would give survivors of sexual assault and harassment the automatic right to anonymity, with the law expected to go to vote at a general session of the parliament later this month.

The moves comes as hundreds of women have started to speak up on social media about sexual assault in Egypt, with the public prosecution and National Council for Women supporting the movement and offering legal and social protection.

Spurred on by the growing MeToo movement, data entry specialist Bassant Abdel Wahab, 22, went public recently about being sexually abused by a human rights activist when she was 17 and reported him to the civil society group where he works.

The man has now been suspended from his job while his organisation investigates Abdel Wahab’s complaint along with those of other female colleagues who accused him of assault.

“Sexual assault incidents that have been hidden for years are continuing to surface and in a raging way,” Wahab told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“It is like a tsunami that could change attitudes and laws on sexual assault against women.”

The frequency of such cases being reported in the conservative Muslim country began to rise after the 2011 revolution as reports of sexual assaults, harassment and rape in Cairo’s Tahrir Square made local and international headlines.

But this year there has been a spike in reporting about cases of sexual assault since early July when an Instagram page revealed the case of a university student who is accused of sexually assaulting and blackmailing multiple women.

Within five days of the case being disclosed, the National Council for Women said that it had received 400 complaints mainly about violence against women.

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