#EndSARS: Shocked At The Level Of Insensitivity, Brute In The Land ~ Hon Onyejeocha


Yesterday remains and marks a said tale in the history of our nation.

The blood of young Nigerians spilled with no recourse to consequences thereafter.

As a mother, it was troubling to watch sights of innocent, harmless citizens being shot at by the very bullets that should protect our territorial integrity against external aggression.

I am sadden, in pain and it is obligatory for me to speak out against this act of insensitivity and tactlessness against already deprived citizens who merely exercised their constitutionally guaranteed rights to peaceful express their frustration, pain, agony and suffering.

It is heartbreaking seeing our national flag, the symbol of our sovereignty being soiled by the blood of those whom the state refers to as our leaders of tomorrow.

It is also in strong words I condemn every form of criminality by the protesters, We as a country must retreat for what is happening in these times is against the run of play of my conscience and convictions.

We are in mourning, a painful one, our children are now late before our own eyes. We must not throw caution to the wind.

It is time to heal our land and make it flourish.

Our parents and families who have lost their loved once to this avoidable incident, I am sorry. My heart and prayers are with you at this unfortunate time.

Rt. Hon. nkeiruka onyejeocha
Member, Representing Isukwato/Umueochi, Abia State
Deputy Chief Whip,
House of Representative

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