Ethiopia: Women, Children, Youth Ministry Extends 3 Million Birr to Defense Force

Ministry of Women, Children and Youth has extended 3 million Birr worth assistance in cash and kind to the National Defense Force today.

Women, Children and Youth Minister, Filsan Abdullahi handed over the donation to National Defense Force State Minister Marta Luigi.

Of the total, 2 million Birr was made to the defense force and the remaining 1 million Birr would go to female members of the defense force, it was learned.

Women, Children and Youth Minister, Filsan said on the occasion the donation is aimed at supporting, honoring and showing solidarity to members of the National Defense Force for the sacrifices they paid to implement the law enforcement operation and to safeguard the unity and sovereignty of the country.

Moreover, the struggle and sacrifice of women members of the defense force is a pride for all Ethiopians, she pointed out.

Filsan said the ministry will continue supporting the National Defense Force in the name of all Ethiopian women and children.

Defense State Minister Marta Luigi lauded the ministry for its support and solidarity.

She noted that the support will encourage the National Defense Force to carry out its responsibilities more determined than ever and help to achieve the development and prosperity of the country.

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