International Rural Women’s Day: Gender Responsive Investment ~ Hon. Onyejeocha


Message from The Deputy Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Hon. nkeiruka onyejeocha on this day of the International Day for Rural. Woman

Throughout history women have been mistreated – up till this day women suffer harsh and inhumane treatment through to continuing discrimination in the workplace. Focusing legislations, attention and effort on the way forward, reconciling discrimination through encouraging awareness and banding together to affect positive change is all part of what International Women’s Day stands for.

Today, October 15 is set aside as the International Rural Women’s Day, the call for justice across the world still prevails as women seek equal treatment, conditions and opportunities to that of men.

Rural women must be incorporated into our policy making and empowered with the ideals and the idea that all people have the right to be valued, respected and receive ethical treatment.

We must ensure in our dispositions and actions towards the rural women in our society ensuring all people have equal opportunities to make the most of their lives and talents, and that no one has poorer life chances due to their background or status – the very core of International Women’s Day.

Gender Equality in reality refers to women receiving and accessing the same opportunities and benefits as men – but throughout history, women were deemed to have no place in politics. Most of this women couldn’t stand as candidates for Parliament and they weren’t allowed to vote as it has been assumed husbands would take responsibility for political matters because a woman’s role was seen to be child-rearing and taking care of the home.

Strength in numbers and voice are critical in driving change. As we all can recall that the International Women’s Day was founded on collaboration, and continues to be a key element of its power to this day. Across the world individuals and groups must unite, not only to celebrate the achievements of women, but to continue to call for action supporting greater gender parity.

We must begin to pay considerable attention and effort to forging the rights of women. Around the world today, as in the past, exists an extensive number of groups and networks all working to improve the social, economic, cultural and political status of women – and International Women’s Day is the major day for rallying action, driving visibility and applauding women who make a difference through their achievements.

Today, not only as the Deputy Chief Whip house of Representatives but one of you, I celebrate the success, and appreciative of the role Nigerian rural women play in contributing to society. As always, I pledge to continue bringing to fore awareness and legislations to improve the expectation that women will not be marginalised, discriminated against or absent from future successes moving forward.

That in commemoration of this year international Day For rural women. There is an urgent call on Government and relevant stakeholders, to develop attention to Gender responsive investment to expand basic Adult education, infrastructure, health care and security in rural areas.

Wishing all our rural women across Nigeria, A Happy International Day for the Rural Women.

Rt. Hon. nkeiruka onyejeocha
Member, Representing Isukwato/Umueochi, Abia State
Deputy Chief Whip,
House of Representative

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