MAYDAY or is it rather May Day?


Labour Day or International Workers’ Day is observed each year on the first day of May to celebrate achievements of the working class. The day, also called as ‘May Day’, is also observed as a public holiday in many countries.

This year’s workers day in Most part of the world is coming at a time when so many people who are both in the formal and informal sector are all at home not by choice but for the will to survive.

The will to Survive the Coronavirus pandemic and the Uncertainty of both our economic climate and the new reality that the aftermath of this will bring. 

I celebrate all our health workers, all over the world but most especially our Nigerian health workers across board. You are my definition of “Indomitable”.

To our men and women in the media despite the odds you continue to stay ahead and keep the nation abreast, I salute you.  

To those who have tested positive and are going through treatment for Covid 19, our prayers are with you, be of good courage, to those we  have lost to this pandemic we could have wished differently, to your families you will never be forgotten.May your souls Rest In Peace perfect. 

Yet, despite it all we have preserved and we will continue to preserve and collectively do what is truly needed to come out of this better people than we were before, the return to kindness without vanity , compassion without reward, truth without scorn, justice without bribery, Equity without nepotism, Love without abuse, Leadership without deceit, Religion without Fanatics, Peace without intimidation and Unity without division. 

Happy Workers Day.

Better Days are ahead of us.

Welcome to the Month of May. 

Yours Truly 

Adaora Onyechere.

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