Namibia: Men Take a Stand Against SGBV


As the country grapples with rising sexual gender-based violence, a group of men have taken a stand to demand an end to the scourge.

With the start of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence earlier this week, there have been calls for men to play a role in tackling and speaking out against violence against women and children.

“Our campaign advocates for the right to life and human dignity for all affected groups of people, especially the vulnerable female members of our society. We will try to confide rapists and embark a strong message in the society,” said campaigner Junior Dumeni.

Unlike previous campaigns which were overwhelmingly joined by women, he said this movement is strictly for men.

“Women can also support. However, we want to instill GBV conversations and tackle this issue as men,” he said.

According to him, the campaigners will be raising awareness, including using social media to speak out against SGBV.

Dumeni added the campaign seeks to encourage young men to break from the violent impulsive outburst of untamed emotions to a new culture of respect for life and the bodily integrity of the next human being.

Dumeni appealed to Namibian men to become change agents and play an active role in ridding gender violence in society.

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