Namibia: Woman Raped At Gunpoint in Kuisebmond


In the latest incident of sexual and gender-based violence in Namibia, a 29-year-old woman was allegedly raped at gunpoint by a stranger in the Kuisebmond township area.

As per the police report in central-western Erongo region, the incident happened around 04h00 when an intruder broke into her room and raped her.

The regional crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu said the woman was sleeping alone in her shack when the intruder broke into her room and pointed a firearm to her head.

“The suspect allegedly ordered her to undress and he had sexual acts with her without her consent before he fled from the scene,” Iikuyu said on Wednesday.

He said the unknown suspect is dark in complexion and was wearing a hoodie to cover his facial identity.

“He is still at large, and we are appealing to anyone with information as to whom it might be to contact the police as soon as possible,” Iikuyu appealed.

Nationwide, protests condemning domestic violence against women and children seem to be fallen on deaf ears, as the scourge continues; rapes and murders are still reported in the country.

The police in Erongo are now urging women, especially those who live alone, to be extra cautious and ensure all windows and doors of their houses are locked.

Iikuyu has also appealed to the community to be cautious of any suspicious movements and persons in their neighbourhoods, especially at night.

He called on the public to report any suspicious movements to the police without delay. Similar incidents were recently reported in Windhoek, including that of a young girl who was raped by two unknown men at gunpoint in the Havana informal settlement.

It is alleged the two suspects, wearing balaclavas, broke into a shack where a mother and her two young daughters were sleeping. The intruders proceeded to rape the 12-year-old daughter while the powerless mother looked on.

In another incident, also in the capital, a man, who was trying to defend his sister – who was nearly raped – died when he was shot by the alleged intruder, also in September.

However, Iikuyu could not connect these cases to the Walvis Bay incident.

Meanwhile, he encouraged the public to contact him at 081 246 4757 or Detective Inspector Shangula at 081 667 6820 or the nearest police station.

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