Namibia: Woman With 12 Dependants Pleads for Help


Idiana Kharuxa (47) is a single mother with 12 dependants – seven children, and five grandchildren.

She lives in a corrugated iron shack in Katutura’s Nama area, and is pleading with well-wishers to come to her aid by donating food and other necessities.

Kharuxa says life has not been easy, and she is struggling to put a single meal on the table for her children.

“I stay in a one-room shack with my 12 dependants, three of which have been disabled by an unknown condition that seems to be destroying my family,” she says.

Her only income is what little she makes from selling sweets.

This is not enough to feed all her children and grandchildren one decent meal, she says.

Kharuxas says even bread is a luxury in her home, and that they mostly eat dinner only.

She says three of her grandchildren need nappies, along with her 28-year-old son, which is very costly.

“I would love to extend my house, so I would appreciate it if someone could help us with corrugated iron sheets, a washing machine and old clothes,” she says.

“I have relatives, but nowadays when you are suffering, you are alone in this world. The only help you will get is the N$250 from the government, which I truly appreciate. I have seven children and five grandchildren.”

Additionally, Kharuxas lives in fear of being washed away by Windhoek’s abundant rains.

“My worst nightmare is a blessing to many. When it rains my house is filled with water, so it’s really a struggle,” she says.

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