NEDC Distributes Relief Materials to 1500 House-holds in Billiri Local Government.


Billiri is the only Local government area in Gombe state chaired by a Lady Margaret Bitrus. After the ethic crisis that erupted in the local government February 2021. No fewer than 10 persons lost their lives, and left several injured with several properties and infrastructure destroyed in the state.

The North-East development commission has distributed relief materials to over 1500 families in the local government that were affected by the crisis. The people of billiri local government were in dire need of help to replace all they had lost.The crisis distabilised a lot of economic activities in the local government area, making it difficult for families to survive.

The people trooped out in mass to receive the relief materials being distributed by North-east development commission. The contents include grains, sachet tomatoes, sugar, ground nut oil etc. Since the crisis took place, this was the first time an organisation has offered to distribute relief materials to ease their sufferings.

Covid-19 protocols was duly observed as the relief materials was shared and presented to people in turns. At a time like this when the price of food items had gone up and rice was seen a gold, the people were so happy that they could benefit from such a commission. They thanked the Government and prayed that such a situation should never be witnessed again in their life time.

Fatima Abubakar is a  Medical Librarian, provides health related information for my clientele, database search and current awareness services. She is also a mentee with the Partners West Africa Nigeria(PWAN).

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