Nkata Ndi Iyom Igbo (NNII) IWD Event 2021


Women Rising: Achieving An equal Future Gender equality and women’s full & equal participation in all areas of life, especially decision-making, are integral to achieving sustainable development.

Although the clamour for effective participation of women and equal leadership opportunities is gaining grounds, the change has been incremental & slow, and women are still being marginalized from fully participating in the highest decision-making positions.

In order to achieve a truly equal future, more women need to rise and awaken their full potentials, to become co-creators of the future that the world truly needs.

Watch webinar here: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Colkha3alSU , where power women and female leaders from diverse background will spoke on the theme “Women Rising: Achieving An equal Future”

Together we can achieve an equal future! #choosetochallenge

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