SPEAK UP! Film on SGBV pushes for more Advocacy


SPEAK UP! Is a drama series that looks at domestic violence and gender exclusion. The need for films for impact is critical at this stage especially when it comes to issues like Sexual and gender based violence.

This will create an inroad and a sustainable advocacy model on issues like this, in terms of bringing the issues within the context that are unspoken about and ending it.
Especially as we see the death of so many innocent young girls like the case of Inibong Umoren who was killed in cold blood and so many others.

In pictures, are the amiable, delectable and incredibly talented Monalisa Chinda, Adaora Onyechere, The Dynamic and amazing actor Chuks Chyke, The Director of all directors and a host of other remarkable actors and advocates.

This programme is adopted and in partnership with NHRC produced by Chief Oge Chris Kalu and other partners.

This series is like nothing we have ever seen in real time television it is real, raw, thought-provoking and unexpected!
It will bring to the fore the in-between the lines of the issues that border on SGBV.

Watch out for this space.

speakup #speakout #enoughisenough Lets end sexual and gender based violence.

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