[VIDEO] Orange the World – 16 days; 16 Heroes of Gender Based Violence


As we commemorate the 16 Days of Activism to end Gender Based violence we understand the need for breaking the barriers on non inclusion in the advocacy against this scourge.

Our environment and culture is predominantly male in narrative and In curbing GBV and SGBV we must build synergy, reorientate and work together with our men to speak out on these issues and speak up for our girls.

We need to continue to build and groom the minds of our boys through mentorship while they are young at both the community and the primary environment. #16Days #16Heroes is a short documentary that profiles some of the men who have been at the fore front advocating for women, lending their voices to the issues that affect women.

The objective is to inspire more men towards breaking the barriers of stereotype when it comes to speaking out. Silence is consent – so it is time for our men to speak for and speak out, put value where it belongs and think inclusion.

This Documentary was produced by WEWE NETWORK AFRIQUE.

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