WeWe Network Afrique top 5 talented Nigerian children

These Nigerian children are very talented and have become very popular due to their crafts and acts.
Every child who can dance, sing, perform on stage, entertain others, draw or do other impressive things that attract millions of eyes deserves to be loved, noticed and honored.

We have carefully selected not relegating other children but presenting you with these outstanding kids in Nigeria.

Emmanuella Samuel
She started her YouTube skits several years ago, and her videos became extremely popular. She is famous across Nigeria and have won awards on globally. Emmanuella has been rated as the youngest and best kid comic actress in Nigeria. In 2016, she received an award in Australia and was also hosted by CNN in an interactive session. Emmanuella is currently the brand ambassador of Peak Milk and Fresh Yoghurt Drink. She is planning to star in an upcoming Disney.

Marylove Edwards
This girl is unique and impressive. Marylove plays tennis and does it incredibly. She takes part in prestigious tournaments (she has trophies from nearly every Junior Tennis Championship she takes part in).

Everyone hopes she will be the next tennis star in and outside the country. In 2017, she ranked #4 on the list of Nigeria Tennis Federation for women singles. Marylove inspires others and have won many trophies.

Afeez Adesina, aka Destiny Boy, became famous after he covered the song If (by Davido) and got noticed. His talents and hardworking character helped him to get promoted in the pop-music industry in Nigeria. At the age of 12 years old, he made a public display of his talent in front of 20,000 audiences during Wizkid concert, which made Wizkid to give him a whopping sum of N10 million as a thank you present. He is currently signed to Wizkid Star Boy Entertainment.

Ify Ufele
Can children design your clothes? Can they create outfits for your own kids? The answer is ‘yes’ if they are as talented as Ify Ufele. This little girl showed her passion and talent for fashion design when she only turned 7 years old.

Her interesting works were demonstrated at New York Fashion Week (Ify lives in the United States of America, but she loves being inspired by African culture when she visits Nigeria), and she is believed to earn her own money (enough for her business).

Ify often post inspiring messages on her Instagram account.

Amarachi Uyanne
This is another extremely talented Nigerian girl who was born in 2004. She won Nigeria’s Got Talent 2012 and was awarded 10 million Naira prize money.

The pretty talented dancer continues to develop her talents, participate in numerous shows as well as runways and make her family proud of their unique daughter.

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