Zubin Cooper Redefines Feminism With Miss Liberia 2021 Pageant


No pun intended, but would you in anyway feel that Media Mogul and businessman Zubin is a better woman than most women that appear to be role models in the country? This is being said because as a “he for she” this gentleman is on a race to remind our Amazons that they weren’t nurtured to be at each other’s throat as the case maybe these days, but only fight together and against a common evil that has eyes on invading our home Liberia. Do strong people tear each other apart? If we are to go with the horrible trend and drama among women in our society, It is very typical of people to effortlessly think of a feminist as a Political figure who snatched her best friends husband after advising the lady to divorce her man because she deserves better treatment. Or a feminist could be two well-respected beautiful women literarily having a clash of the titans, one a broadcaster and the other a social media influencer/Businesswoman.

This confrontation also included the play daughter of the social media influencer/Business Woman who is a former housemate of the reality show Big Brabee Liberia. The popular broadcaster stresslessly devoured both of them. This was shocking to many because the Social media influencer is someone that has made her name from the hot lava of trouble, We all know what can happen when she roars like an erupting volcano, but this time the story didn’t end in such a victorious manner as she ran into cover like a fearful puppy escaping from a heavy thunder Clap as the broadcaster gave a final warning in Koloqua “Lay next time you and your playma want play, yor mon play wey yor pa nen nubbehs”.

The English interpretation to the broadcaster’s slimy and dirty words thrown at the social media influencer is that the next time her play daughter and her want to play, instead of passing their boundary and jumping towards her direction, they should rather play with their father’s scrotum”. The choice of words is a visible indication that elders aren’t regarded as anything by the generation of today. Most young people find it exciting to curse their elders without remorse, forgetting to know that they would be someone’s ancestor in the future. This the kind of Feminism we are used to here, the Feminism that would make the same social media influencer we just talked about to share a sex tape of a female blogger that wished her dead.

Exposing each other’s sex videos is one of the most common tools of their ego driven Feminism. An aspiring representative did this to the girlfriend of a well-known footballer of recent, in her case the footballer’s girlfriend was cheating on him and this aspiring representative who is also known for a lot of messy situations herself thought it was wiser to be holier than thou by revealing it. Rumor has it that both women exchanged blows, yeah! What a shameful brouhaha? Especially for the aspiring representative who has multiple Ambassadorship deals and a reputation to protect.

Now that Zubin Cooper is here with Miss Liberia after three years of the pageant going ghost on us, it’s exciting to announce a new and improved Era for Feminism, fleshed up with Miss Liberia like you’ve never seen it before. We all know Zubin to be a noble man and that fact assures us that the set of girls that would be chosen wouldn’t just walk the runway to display beauty to us, but something that runs deeper than a gorgeous face, hot body, fine legs and smile. This generation of damsels that would participate in this year’s Miss Liberia is an eye opener that we have classy and presentable women that can compete at different levels of intelligence and beauty campaigns and would come out with heads held up high. Since the announcement of Miss Liberia 2021, Social media has been buzzing with numerous speculations of women that we might see on the stage of the mother of all pageantry in the country. In fact some of these damsels have shown interest, while some have been picked by their fans and loved ones to be their favorite to participate. Let’s talk about few of these ladies to give a hint into how pure and true Feminism would be celebrated at this year’s Miss Liberia.

Benita has an army of fans, including those who claim they hate her. It’s quite hard not to like Benita these days because she has proven to have shed off youthful exuberance as she often concerns herself with uplifting others, Especially health cases that have been written off but somehow she restores hope with her NGO. Benita’s Charitable ways syncs with that of a beauty queen. The next personality to discuss is a reigning beauty queen, Alicia Wright who won Miss Bilikon as everyone’s favorite and if she’s going to partake in Miss Liberia pageant she might not struggle to impress because she’s seen by many as a sweetheart.

This year’s Miss Liberia might have popular makeup artist and sister to multiple award-winning rapper Nuchie Meek Cyana Doyas represent her county because she has shown interest through social media. Cyana isn’t just a makeup artist but a gorgeous model. The last name to be mentioned also revealed her intentions through social media, She’s flawlessly beautiful but that’s not all to it as Sandra Nagbe often hints on how intelligent she is with the nickname “Legal drug dealer” as she proudly flaunts her professional capacity as a pharmacist. Sandra’s interest in Miss Liberia 2021 simply says that the pageant is going to be a battle of wits because she wouldn’t be the only genius there.

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